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We serve developing website on internet and updating constantly for associated clients and subsidiary companies.


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The design of your school website tells visitors about your school at a glance. Our design for your school's website will be completely unique to your school, blending your colors, insignia and key selling points in a way that makes your school stand out from the crowd..


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The school calendar is the heartbeat of your school, and usually the most visited part of your school website. Every school website that we create includes a calendar, tailored to your school’s needs and designed to complement perfectly your school’s website..

News & Alerts

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News about what's going on in your school is important to keep current parents and children in touch, and to show how active your school is to potential parents. From news tickers, to news updates on sports, trips, exams and other activities, to news alerts by text and email for when things go wrong, we've got it covered for you..

Photo Galleries

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Photos bring your school to life. We're expert at creating easy to use photo galleries where visitors can flick through the latest photos, and zoom in to see (and even order) the ones they like most. Best of all you can upload all your photos straight from your digital camera – no need for editing..

Navigation & Search

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Ever been to a website where you didn't know where you were, or couldn't find what you were looking for? You won't find that with one of our school websites. Navigation is clean, clear and effective, making sure your visitors always know where they are, and can get to other sections quickly. And search is quick and returns results in order of relevance – just like Google..

Content Management

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Every school website needs to be kept up to date. Our content management system – developed in conjunction with schools – is beautifully easy to use and requires almost no training. Edit pages, add images and change calendar and news items – all with the click of a button..

Hosting & Support

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Your school website will be hosted on our secure servers, and is backed up daily to different servers in case of hardware failure. We proactively monitor every website 24 hours a day to make sure it's up and running and provide you with telephone and email support during normal working hours..

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

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We build every school website to the highest standards to ensure that it has a head start with every search engine – not just Google..

Job Advertisement

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You need to attract the best staff to come and work in your school. Our job adverts module will help you do just that..